Hellenic Air Force aircraft models are rather rare collectible items and there is a big community of people collecting them. Here you can find listed the most important samples of that special category.


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PostHeaderIcon MODELLERS CLUB of KAVALA: 17th Exhibition- Competition

THE MODELLERS CLUB of KAVALA organized the 17th Exhibition- Competition from 24 to 26 of April, 2015. The event took place in the Exhibition Hall of the Municipal Tobacco Warehouse, which is situated on the Kapnergati square, downtown Kavala. One of the special distinctions was : "BEST A-7 Corsair II" (Celebrating the retirement of the type-Regardless of Nationality)  and we are more than proud to have sponsored the prize which was on of the last A-7 Bye Corsair patches with a specially designed certificate. We would like to thank Dimitris Kakogiannakos for his help and cooperation and of course to congradulate Lambros Lykogiannis for his achievement winning the prize. For more photos please click to read more.