When you search for specific information concernig Hellenic Air Force then the books should be your guide. Bibliography related to Hellenic Air Force counts a lot of books and magazines and a group of them is presented right here.


Click on the image above to purchase the Hellenic Air Force 363 Squadron photo-book.



PostHeaderIcon HAFy 2011/B by Special Projects

The brand new HAF yearbook 2011/B by Special Projects is out now with special exclusive articles plus free Hellenic Air Force Mirage 2000-5 DVD plus the two last coupons for the Be A Warbird Pilot contest.

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PostHeaderIcon Frecce Tricolori book by David Cenciotti

We had the honor to get in hand one really great book dedicated to the world famous Italian AF's acrobatic team "Frecce Tricolori". About two years have passed since the initial publishing in September 2010, by DeAgostini the book carries the title "Frecce Tricolori – un volo lungo 50 anni" and represents actually the official publication of the Italian AF for the 50th Anniversary of the  acrobatic team . The book is written in Italian and English language; it is a hardcovered photographic album of 128 pages. The size is huge measuring 44×30 cm (please see photo with euro coin for comparison). It contains more than 220 photos celebrating the 50 operational seasons of the Italian Aerobatic Display Team.


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PostHeaderIcon "Fighting the Lethe"... new book by Special Projects

A handbook that was missing from the bibliography of the Hellenic Air Force admirers. An essay by Themistoklis Vranas who has collected information about all the out of service aircrafts of Hellenic Air Force is presented to you after 22 years of research and 18 months of proccess. This book is the first of its kind and the world's most comprehensive presentation of out of service aircrafts in a specific Air Force. It combines a full photographic record of every aircraft (667 aircrafts in total or the case of the Hellenic Air Force! ) and a detailed description of its route after retirement from active service! The book is softcovered with 152 pages and you can find more information by visiting the Special Projects official web-site here or just  by clicking the image above.

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PostHeaderIcon HAFy 2011/A by Special Projects


The brand new HAF yearbook by Special Projects is out now with special exclusive articles.

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PostHeaderIcon Vote and Select the cover of HAFy 2011/A magazine


Vote and select the front cover for the new HAFy 2011/A magazine by Special Projects. You only have to click on the image above!!!

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