PostHeaderIcon Hellenic Air Force Support Command

Hellenic Air Force Support Command (HAFSC) is a major Command subunit to the Hellenic Air Force General Staff. It is composed byt two branches:
  • Ops-Training
  • Logistics/Support
There are 25 Units under the HAFSC, and we can say that the most valuable is the 112 Combat Wing which is located in the Elefsina Air Base. We could also mention the State Aircraft Depot, the Engines and Special Operations Vehicle Depot , the Transportation Means and GSE Depot, the 201 Supply Depot and the HAF Detachement at Hellenic Aerospace Industry.

The mission of the Hellenic Air Force Support Command is to execute air lift missions for the Air Force, Army and Navy. The execution of Search and Rescue, fire fighting and medical evacuation flights and at last to provide pertinent training to the flight crews for cargo aircraft and helicopters of the Hellenic Air Force. The HAFSC has undertaken the responsibility to also provide full logistics support to the Hellenic Air Force regarding aircraft and helicopters, Radar and electronics, weapons, ammunition, vehicles and ground support equipment, infrasructure in general etc. During war time HAFSC operates the war plans.

Main Units:
112 Combat Wing
113 Combat Wing
359 Public Services Air Support Unit
Medical Emergency Helicopter Unit
HAF Agency at Hellenic Aerospace Industry
31 Search & Rescue Operations Squadron