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PostHeaderIcon HAF Open Day 2012 - 115 Combat Wing Souda

Hellenic Air Force celebrates the Patron Saint Day in 115 Combat Wing Souda. Enjoy photos taken and sent by our friend Ioannis Bouchlis.


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PostHeaderIcon 110 Combat Wing 100 Years Larissa Air Base

This year 110 Combat Wing celebrates 100 years of Larissa Air Base in service of the Hellenic Air Force. For that reason a group of inspired people tried their best to specially format two airplanes, one F-16 Blk 52+ and an RF-4E Phantom II, in a very constructive way.

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PostHeaderIcon Advanced Training Cooperation patch DONATION

An exercise between the Hellenic and Israeli Air Force took place on 21-26 of October 2012 at 110 Combat Wing Larissa Air Base. This exercise was a follow up of November 2011 visit of the Hellenic Air Force 337 Squadron to Ovda airbase. We would like to sincerely thank Mr. Antonios Voumparis for the kind donation of the new patches especially designed for the Advanced Training Cooperation exercise. Click on image above to take a closer look.You know such kind movements always receive a special treatment by


PostHeaderIcon Hellenic Air Force : Middle East & Italy 1941-1944

We are happy to present you the new monograph by Hellenic Air Force Wing Commander Chariton Charousis dedicated to the Royal Hellenic Air Force (RHAF) during the WWII. The described period of time is between 1941 and 1944 and the battlefield in Middle East, Italy and Eastern Meditteranean Sea in general.

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PostHeaderIcon 336 Squadron NEW patches DONATION

We would like to sincerely thank Mr. Giannis Vossos for the kind donation of the new patches especially designed for the 336 Squadron. Click on image below to take a closer look.You know such kind movements always receive a special treatment by

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PostHeaderIcon HAF Open Day 2012

HAF Open Day celebration is coming. This year we are expecting as always your photographs here:


PostHeaderIcon HAFy 2012 by Special Projects

The brand new HAF yearbook 2012 by Special Projects is out now with special exclusive articles.

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PostHeaderIcon 363 Squadron 40 Years Photobook (1972-2012)

The Hellenic Air Force Appreciation Society "Ikaros" and the Discount Hobby Zone bookstore proudly sponsored and present the official anniversary 363 Air Training Squadron photo-book.

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PostHeaderIcon The history of Daedalus... a human-powered aircraft

This patch was the initiative to present the story of Daedalus project. A forgotten story that all aviation fans should know about. The MIT Aeronautics and Astronautics Department's Daedalus was a human-powered aircraft that, on 23 April 1988, flew a distance of 71.5 mi (115.11 km) in 3 hours, 54 minutes, from Iraklion on the island of Crete to the island of Santorini.

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PostHeaderIcon 335 Squadron "The Avionix"

It is an honor for us to participate in the design and production of the patch for Avionics team of 335 "Tiger" Squadron.

Thank you very much for your trust and cooperation!!! Please click on the image above to view the patch in our gallery.

If your Squadron wishes to present your new patch please contact with us.



PostHeaderIcon Winner #3 of Herpa Contest Summer 2012


The winner #3 for month August of Summer Herpa Contest is...

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