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PostHeaderIcon Contest F-104G Lithograph by AVG

The contest was over on 13th of May 2012 (23.00 Central European Time). The lucky winner is...


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PostHeaderIcon Code One magazine Contest

Every year, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company produces a calendar showcasing the company’s aircraft and technologies for its employees, team partners, suppliers, and, most importantly, for the men and women who fly LM combat, air mobility, maritime patrol, and surveillance aircraft. The 2013 calendar will have a “Best of Code One” theme, and all Code One readers are invited to contribute by sending their best shots to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Each photographer whose shot is selected for the main image each month will receive a desk model and a Code One challenge coin. Top photos that do not make the final cut will go into a special gallery here on the Code One website.

For more information click on Read More button below or click on the banner image above to tranfer to Code One magazine official web-site.

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PostHeaderIcon Code One magazine Volume 27 '2012

New volume for Code One magazine. You can visit the Code One official web-site to download the magazine in pdf format, view gallery photos and read several articles. We especially thank the editor Mr. Eric Hehs.

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PostHeaderIcon HAFy 2011/B by Special Projects

The brand new HAF yearbook 2011/B by Special Projects is out now with special exclusive articles plus free Hellenic Air Force Mirage 2000-5 DVD plus the two last coupons for the Be A Warbird Pilot contest.

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PostHeaderIcon F-102 Delta Dagger by Hobbymaster

We are proudly presenting you the new F-102 Delta Dagger 1/72 scale model created by HobbyMaster which is known by now for two things... their great workmanship and on the other hand the preference on aircrafts related to the Hellenic Air Force.

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PostHeaderIcon Contest

The contest was over on 15th of April 2012 (23.00 Central European Time). The lucky winner is...


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PostHeaderIcon Frecce Tricolori book by David Cenciotti

We had the honor to get in hand one really great book dedicated to the world famous Italian AF's acrobatic team "Frecce Tricolori". About two years have passed since the initial publishing in September 2010, by DeAgostini the book carries the title "Frecce Tricolori – un volo lungo 50 anni" and represents actually the official publication of the Italian AF for the 50th Anniversary of the  acrobatic team . The book is written in Italian and English language; it is a hardcovered photographic album of 128 pages. The size is huge measuring 44×30 cm (please see photo with euro coin for comparison). It contains more than 220 photos celebrating the 50 operational seasons of the Italian Aerobatic Display Team.


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PostHeaderIcon 3rd Aviation Career Day

Aviation Career Day is a professional orientation event devoted solely to the aviation sector and the associated professions. After the successful two events which took place in June 2010 and April 2011, it is organized for the third time this year in order to cover the necessity of updating the fast growing sector of professional aviation training in Greece.

When? 17 March 2012

Where? Hotel Athenaeum Intercontinental - Athens GREECE

What? The scope of the event is to provide answers to the following questions:


  • Which are the professions within the aviation industry?
  • How can I be trained for these professions?
  • Where can I be trained for these professions?
  • Where can I work after completing my training?
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PostHeaderIcon 384 Squadron "Nightwalkers" patch

Hellenic Air Force 384 Squadron watch

We all are aware of the huge contribution of 384 SAR Squadron to Hellenic Air Force and society in general. A big variety of services like Emergency Medical Service, Delivery of Supplies to Isolated Areas, General Missions for the Common and Social Good and that is only a part of the daily life of 384 Squadron which never gets routine. For more information about the history of the squadron please visit the official Hellenic Air Force web-site here.

Lately the services 384 SAR Squadron provides has got a night character where statistically the 70% of the missions are accomplished during night period of the day. That means that not only pilots but also the technical personnel maintain the Super Puma helicopters during night. For that reason a special patch has been designed and relized recently under the general title Nightwalkers that you can see above but also in our gallery here.

We would like to sincerely thank the Hellenic Air Force 384 Search and Rescue Squadron personnel and especially Cpt. John Stathis for the kind donation of the patch to web-site. We always appreciate, support and recognize that kind of genteel movements!


PostHeaderIcon Kostas Kavvathias paints Super Puma profile

Hellenic Air Force 384 Squadron Super Puma profile by Kotas Kavvathias

The well known aviation artist Kostas Kavvathias has finished the profile of Super Puma helicopter as in service with 384 SAR Squadron. You see it first here and we would really like to thank Mr. Kavvathias and the 384 Squadron for the contribution of the image.


PostHeaderIcon 384 Squadron SAR Super Puma watch

Hellenic Air Force 384 Squadron watch

Take a look at this rare official 384 Squadron chronograph. We shall give you information on how to get it as soon as they are available.