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PostHeaderIcon 30 years of Plastimodellismo

Plastimodellismo this year celebrates its 30 years since 1981 and for that reason has published a set of nine (9) prints under signature of known aviation artist Kostas Kavvathias. Each lithograph printed on a high quality paper has a 32x23 cm size and all nine of them come in a beautiful collectable clear folder for €19.50. To see photos of all themes please click here.

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PostHeaderIcon Hellenic Air Force F-84G Thunderjet by Skymax Models

Skymax models surprised us in a very positive way when announced the production of a rather rare and historical model presenting a Hellenic Air Force F-84G Thunderjet as used to fly with 337 Squadron "Fantasma" (Ghost). In October 1952 the 337 FB Sqn deployed from the Elefsis Air Base to the Larissa AB with F-84G aircraft in its inventory. What makes this model and especially 337 Squadron historical is the fact that at the beginning of the year 1953, the first acrobatic flight of the HAF was established and joined the 337 Fighter Bomber Squadron , a fact that projected the squadron in the inland as well as abroad. The establishment-training of the Acro Team had been accomplished.

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PostHeaderIcon NEW Hellenic Air Force model by Herpa

Herpa is the market and innovation leader in specially detailed and highvalue car, truck, and airplane miniatures. We are proud the announce that Herpa has designed and manufactured a Hellenic Air Force Mirage-2000-5 model in scale 1:200. The model presents a Hellenic AF 331 Squadron "Theseus" Dassault Mirage 2000-5 EG. Herpa has also produced other models of great quality, some of them in an extremely Christmas spirit and for that reason you should check out the brand new catalog for year 2011.


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PostHeaderIcon The Psychology of Collecting... patches

The Psychology of Collecting By Mark B. McKinley, Ed.D Everybody is a Collector Everybody collects something!  Whether it be photographs of a person’s vacation, ticket stubs from ballgames, souvenirs of trips, pictures of one’s children, athletes’ trophies, kid’s report cards, and those who collect “junk” (pack-rats) and dispose of it in garage sales.

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PostHeaderIcon Code One magazine Volume 25 '2010

New volume for Code One magazine. You can visit the fresh Code One official web-site to download the magazine in pdf format, view gallery photos and read several articles. We especially thank the editor Mr. Eric Hehs.

Some of the included articles:



PostHeaderIcon Hellenic Air Force photos by Chris Lofting

The well known aviation photographer Chris Lofting has recently visited Greece and the results were perfect. His work will be published soon in "Air International" english Aviation magazine. A sample of his work only seen at We thank him very much for the trust he has shown to our web-site!!!

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If you like the work done here and given the increasing expenses due to patchesweb-hosting now you have the opportunity to help. The web-site is non-profit so you can donate and get your own patch or poster.

If you want to contribute to in order to pay the annual web-hosting fees and continue provide information about Hellenic Air Force patches and not only then you can get your own "F-16 One Year Plus" patch by visiting or just click on the button above.

The patch is Limited Edition since only 100 lucky friends will get it and accompanied by a special numbered certificate for that reason.



PostHeaderIcon "Hellenic Air Force Anniversary Aircrafts" an interview with George Athanasiadis

We all have admired Hellenic Air Force specially painted aircrafts either in or outside greek skies. But who are behind those projects? Who is the "mind"? Who the "hand"? Warrant Officer George Athanasiadis is for sure the man that can tell us a lot about those aircrafts and we thank him for his kindness to give us a mini interview. We also thank Hellenic Air Force General Staff, Public Relations office and especially Press Spokesman Maj. Konstantinos Grapsas for the precious help.

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PostHeaderIcon Kostas Kavvathias decorates Model Kit boxes

The known aviation artist Kostas Kavvathias made us proud once more. He decorated with his own paintings the cover of the boxes for three model kits of Hobby Boss and Trumpeter.

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PostHeaderIcon Hellenic Air Force Open Day 2010

Send us your Photos from your visit to Hellenic Air Force Air Bases at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it !!! Like every year, the Air Force celebrates its patron Saint, Archangel Michael, by opening all air bases to the public from 5 to 8 November 2010. Visitors will have the opportunity to see static and photographic exhibitions of aircraft, weapons and ground equipment. During the celebration, the Hellenic Postal Service will place a special commemorative stamp on envelopes mailed from Athens and Thessaloniki.

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PostHeaderIcon F-16 Fighting Falcon Poster by AF.GR

Dimension: 50 x 35 cm. For more information please visit E-shop section: Αν δεν διαθέτετε Paypal λογαριασμό η αποστολή μπορεί να γίνει με αντικαταβολή με ένα απλό e-mail στη διεύθυνση This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it !!!