PostHeaderIcon HAF 348 Sqn Suspension of Operations Spotters Day - Info Guide

If you are a spotter planning to participate to HAF 348 Sqn Suspension of Operations Spotters Day  then this Info Guide is absolutely necessary for you.


Important Information

1. The entrance at the Larissa Air Base will be from the eastern gate and not from the main gate. Be very careful with this. You can see in the maps beside, the suggested routes to drive from the city center. There will be enough parking spaces inside the Base.

2. The gate will open at 07:30 (Local time). Please note the possible delay during the control process.

3. All the participants must show their Passport/ID with the Confirmation Form at the entry gate.

4. All the participants must follow the schedule planned for the Spotters Day. There will not be differences between Spotters and Media.

5. Stay inside the designated spotter area and be very careful with the taxiing aircrafts in front of you.

6. There will be some canteens and souvenir stands available.

7. There will be also a bus, which will be making the route to the northern-east side of the Base (retirement phantoms area) every hour.

8. There will be litter bins and chemical toilets available at the services area, please use them, and no littering. Moreover, do not enter the cropland.

9. Please read carefully and follow the instructions on the Confirmation Form.

10. 110 Combat Wing reserves the right to ask a participant breaking any security instruction given to leave the Base at any time.


HAF 348 Sqn Suspension of Operations Spotters Day - Schedule



  • Open Gates - Entry - Registration



  • Two flight waves of the last Recce Phantoms HAF
  • Demo Teams Zeus & Daedalus
  • Two flight waves of F-16 (337Sq)
  • Various HAF transiting aircrafts
  • Foreign arrivals (RAF Tornado - Belgian F-16)



  • Departure


Message by Spotters Day Organizers

Dear spotters,

First of all we would like to thank you again for your kindly cooperation all the previous days. Here you will find attached the Info Guide of the Spotters Day. Read the instructions carefully. Always remember that you are visiting a military area with its restrictions. We are working to prepare "a phantastic day". Forgive us any omission, we are just pilots! On that day, follow the security instructions and be very carefull because you will find yourself very close to the taxiing Phantoms!

Because a lot of you, asking about the audit procedure, remember that only if someone will be banned from the event, will be inform personally! Do not hesitate to ask for more details!

Kind regards,

  • Major Lambros Tolias
  • Major Lambros Tolias
  • Captain George Poimenidis
  • Captain Achilles Michalopoulos



HAF 348 Sqn Suspension of Operations Spotters Day - Info Guide (english)



HAF 348 Sqn Suspension of Operations Spotters Day - Info Guide (ελληνικά)