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PostHeaderIcon Flyboys - Gear for Pilots

Flyboys is a company based in the US that specializes in manufacturing gear for pilots like helmet bags, kneeboards, patches etc. Since 1995, Fly Boys has worked tirelessly to ensure every customer is personally and professionally satisfied with every aspect of their shopping and flying experience with Fly Boys flight gear. Actually for pilots who demand the best gear to go with their high performance jets, this is the final stop. Flyboys also equips Hellenic Air Force personnel mainly with bags for helmet protection. For more information you could visit their web-site or visit their Facebook page with recent updates of their work.

Here you can see the official sage 341 Squadron Helmet Bag together with a specially embroidered black helmet bag with the signature of AF.GR and a cap that Flyboys was kind enough to make for us. Especially about the helmet bag you should know that has got two NEW pockets for smaller items. Developed and fielded by Fly Boys, ONLY Fly Boys offers these two new zippered pockets - which are located above the tall exterior pockets. The actual pocket is situated between the main compartment and the exterior pockets, and are rectangular in shape. They are absolutely perfect for those small items that you don't want ending up on the cockpit floor, or want fast access to them without having to fish around for them in the bag. Things like wallets, sunglass cases, loose coins, flashlight, earplugs, are PERFECT here!

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