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PostHeaderIcon Hellenic Air Force : Middle East & Italy 1941-1944

We are happy to present you the new monograph by Hellenic Air Force Wing Commander Chariton Charousis dedicated to the Royal Hellenic Air Force (RHAF) during the WWII. The described period of time is between 1941 and 1944 and the battlefield in Middle East, Italy and Eastern Meditteranean Sea in general.

For almost four years, the Greek aviators gave their battle throughout the Mediterranean, the Middle East, Africa and Greece. They should be honored as devoted to their high duty as individuals without a homeland, during an unknown and savage war. Their country was no longer alive but only existed in their hearts. They did not fight for survival nor for the protection of already conquered lands. They fought to get them back and they succeeded with glory and honor. The hearts of great greek pilots like Kamperos and Moraitinis were then able to nest again in the serenity of the greek sky and the Aegean sea, where the blue meets in countless shades centuries now, reminding every unsolicited visitor its historical origins.

The soft-covered monograph Hellenic Air Force : Middle East & Italy 1941-1944 is written in greek language and describes in noticeable detail the history of the RHAF during the World War II. Taking a look at the chapters will give you a really good taste of the monograph:

  • Chapter 1: Geopolitical scene & Chronology
  • Chapter 2: The first reorganization efforts for RHAF
  • Chapter 3: RHAF aircrafts (1941-44)
  • Chapter 4: The 13th Squadron in North Africa
  • Chapter 5: The 335thSquadron in North Africa
  • Chapter 6: The 336th Squadron in North Africa
  • Chapter 7: The missions in Crete
  • Chapter 8: RHAF Squadron's Operations in Italy
  • Chapter 9: Conclusions and assessment
  • Chapter 10: Bibliography - Sources


You can find more info on the monograph by visiting the official publisher's web-site here.


Hellenic Air Force Wing Commander Chariton Charousis

Wing Commander Chariton Charousis is a Hellenic Air Force officer born in city of Thessaloniki in 1968. Entered in Hellenic Air Force Academy in 1987 and graduated in 1991. He then served as pilot in several squadrons (348, 355, 383), as Operations Officer and Commander of 113 Combat Wing/OCU and in executive positions in Hellenic Air Force Staff. His flying experience includes 2,800 hours mainly in fighter aircrafts like RF-4E Phantom II, C-47 Dakota and CL-415 Canadair. He is dealing with historical and aviation issues and writes monographs and articles.