When you search for specific information concernig Hellenic Air Force then the books should be your guide. Bibliography related to Hellenic Air Force counts a lot of books and magazines and a group of them is presented right here.


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PostHeaderIcon Aviation Photography ! by Aviation Photocrew

We are thrilled to present you an aviation photography book that really worths to be in your possession and you shall understand why reading this review. It is a 250 pages hardcover book purely on aviation photography so its title couldn't be something different than Aviation Photography !


Aviation PhotoCrew

First of all we would like to share a few things about the team that is hiding behind this publication. Their name is Aviation PhotoCrew (Web-site: aviation-photocrew.com). It happens to be a team of aviation photographers who shared their talents, network and equipment to achieve a higher level in their passion which is no other than Aviation photography. Aviation PhotoCrew was founded by Eric Coeckelberghs and in the beginning was just a group of friends. They participated for the first time as a crew in the ‘Flying and Friendship’ trip through Northern France in April 2009. Their speciality is amongst others the Air-to-Air photography. They capture the pilots and their aircraft in their natural habitat, the sky. They choose the Skyvan aircraft for that reason as their preferred airborne platform. The Aviation PhotoCrew started to become famous for their Air-to-Air photography out of the Skyvan, which is an ideal photoship. The aircraft has a speed range from 65 -155 Kts making it possible to handle a wide range of aircraft, from small vintage trainers to the newest Fighter Jets and even large commercial aircraft. In the following years they successfully finished many aviation photography projects, from private Air-to-Air photoshoots to airshows and large scale military exercises. All crewmembers gained valuable experience in different photoships, both civilian and military. In the beginning of 2010 they published their first hard-cover photobook, Air-to-Air Academy Volume 1. They are also the proud photographers for the Sanicole airshow photobook since 2008. During the years they have build-up a high level of experience in high quality Air-to-Air photography. Their work has been used for many applications, from world-wide aviation magazines and books to huge airshow billboards, and extensive use in PR-publications by many Airforces. In May 2010 they organised the first edition of the PhotoFlying Days and Air-to-Air Academy, which brings aircraft and photographers together in a unique way. By November 2010 the transition to their final format, as 'Aviation PhotoCrew' was successfully completed. The team uses the best photographic materials to be able to deliver the highest quality of images. They use both Nikon and Canon professional digital cameras with the sharpest lenses on the market and tools like the Gyro-Stabilizer to create the best images in high resolution.


A family photo of the Aviation PhotoCrew members. Click on the image to read more about every single member.


Rendezvous with HAF Zeus Demo Team

Most of you it is more than sure that you have enjoyed Aviation PhotoCrew work even without knowing that carries their signature. A good example is the photos that they took by the Hellenic Air Force F-16 Demo Team "Zeus" as it was flying towards Florennes Airshow in Belgium in 2012. It happens to be really rare occasion to see the HAF F-16 Demo Team outside Greece so Aviation PhotoCrew could not miss the chance. Display Pilots Captain Emmanuel Karahalios and Captain Georgios Androulakis made the long flight to Belgium representing the Hellenic Air Force to the large crowd visiting the Airshow.  Aviation PhotoCrew was given the honor to be able to perform an Air-to-Air photoshoot with the display crew while on their way to the Florennes show. For the occasion, a two-seat F-16D was chosen to fly to the Florennes airshow, equipped with a specially decorated travel pod under the fuselage. After a fuelstop in Aviano, Italy, the crew flew to the dedicated airspace where the join-up with the Skyvan photoship was planned. The weather was not ideal, but this made the photographs come out even more spectacular with the low clouds and the high humidity in the air. The pilots had a special surprise for the photographers, proudly showing the Greek flag in the cockpit.


Photos of Hellenic Air Force F-16 Demo Team "Zeus" by Aviation PhotoCrew


Hellenic Air Force F-16 Demo Team Air-To-Air Photoshoot: Inside cockpit Point Of View.


Aviation photography ! ... the book

- Are you an Aviation enthousiast?

Get this book!

- Are you an Aviation Photographer?

Get this book!

- Are you the world's most famous aviation photographer and your name happens to be Katsuhiko Tokunaga?

Well actually do not get this book. Just write the prologue... and that is what he actually did! Katsuhiko Tokunaga does not need any introduction. The fact that he agreed to recite a prologue by itself proves the quality of this project. We cannot name it something else since it is not just a collection of photos. This book is a collection of experiences, tips, tricks and ways of working as a result of long year practice.


It took the authors countless hours of selecting photos, writing texts and designing this book. The 250 pages are hard to get full and it is easy to understand that even if you have never written a book. After the prologue and an introduction by Eric the reader will get information on the history of air-to-air photography with historical data and mini interviews by early aviation photographers who happened to be also pilots with Belgain Air Force. Then you will read more than 20 pages on  Aviation PhotoCrew their vision and most importantly their way of working. You will find details about Air to Air Academy as well. The Air-to-Air Academy is a non-profit organisation with the goal of sharing experience in the field of airborne photography with other photographers from around the world. Not only on the ground, but also in the air photoflight opportunities are shared with motivated photographers.The concept was invented by the Aviation PhotoCrew in 2009, when many of their friends kept on sending emails on how they could join them on their many photoflight missions. The Shorts Skyvan, can take up to 11 photographers on board, so it is an ideal aircraft to take guest photographers in the air for their first Air-to-Air photoshoot.

After reading about Aviation PhotoCrew a meeting with 15 graduates of the Air to Air Academy awaits. A mini self introduction by everyone and a lot of aviation photos, most of them Air-to-Air. The most spectacular photos unwrap in front of your eyes and we would like to highlight that except the photo you will also read:


  • Information on the photoshooting
  • Focal Length
  • ISO
  • Aperture
  • Shutterspeed
This is all you'd wish to know, all you'd like to ask the photographer about!


More than the half of the book is dedicated to aviation photography tips & tricks. Maybe that is the difference compared to the most of aviation photobooks. You do not just watch by also learn. Experts from all over the world share their experiences and explain how to make better aviation photos! The expertise has to do with a wide range of topics:


  • Basic techniques
  • Museums - Airshows - Spotting
  • Low level aviation photography
  • Static aircrafts
  • Details and cockpit
  • Operational units
  • Photo storyline & portrait photography
  • Propeller - jets - helicopters
  • Air-to-air photography
  • All weather photography
  • Edit photos using your computer


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We would like to thank Aviation PhotoCrew for their help in preparing this article.

Thank you guys!!!