When you search for specific information concernig Hellenic Air Force then the books should be your guide. Bibliography related to Hellenic Air Force counts a lot of books and magazines and a group of them is presented right here.


Click on the image above to purchase the Hellenic Air Force 363 Squadron photo-book.



PostHeaderIcon Hellenic Air Force Photobook by Chris Lofting

You all know photographer Chris Lofting and his great work with Hellenic Air Force. Chris has spent several days in greek Air Bases some years ago and the result of his artwork can be now found beautifully concentrated in this 260 pages (!) photobook available for download ONLY for Airforce.gr visitors! The pdf file is sized 190 MB so please be patient.

  • To download the photobook click on the image above or here
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  • To order a printed copy of the photobook click here

We would like to sincereley thank Chris Lofting for his kind donation to all Hellenic Air Force fans.