PostHeaderIcon An interview with aviation artist Milan Radulovic


Q:Hello Mr. Radulovic and thank you for accepting our invitation. Please tell us a few things about yourself and your daily life. Where do you come from and when did you actually start drawing?

A:I am born in Cuprija, Serbia on November 10th 1972. I am married and I have a daughter. Beside all my obligations I always manage to find time for my hobbies. I’ve been studying photography, and that is my major interest for past 20 years. I haven’t attended any art school, but I’ve been drawing on and off for a very long time. My special passion is drawing Airplane art and that lead me to draw exclusively airplanes past few years.


Q:Do you draw only aircrafts or do you undertake other topics too? What is the source of your love to aircrafts?

A:Occasionally I draw other things, for example portraits, but Airplanes are my primary interest. Interest in aviation started in my primary school as well as the fact that I live very close to a small sport airfield. That interest lead me to making model kits and later on drawing Aviation art.


Q:What material do you usually use? Have you got any specific brands that you prefer according to your working experience?

A:There are no specific brands that I use, mostly I use color pencils, different graphite pencils, everything including paper that are available in art stores.


Q:Could you share a step by step series of images in order to understand the process of you artwork please?

A:Yes of course:

A motion picture showing the step by step procedure until the final result


Q:Do you use only pencil or other materials too?

A:At the moment I use pencils and color pencils, and I’ve done most of my drawings in that technique. Nevertheless my favorite technique is Ink Pen drawing, mostly because they ask for much more effort, and no mistake can be made. For some drawings, I spend over 100 working hours, but at the end final result is excellent and my work pays out.


Q:What about computers? Have you ever thought of or actually did used computer for designing your artwork?

A:I have no special interest in drawing on computer, surely I am always thrilled to see great digital art, but it is just not my thing.


Q:How many artworks have you drawn up to now? Which countries do they involve?

A:I’ve drawn over 40 drawings so far mostly 30x42 cm format but I also have few drawings in 70 x 40 cm. Beside Serbian airforce I find great inspiration in Hellenic airforce, so I have made a nice collection of 10 Hellenic airforce drawings. I find anniversary schemes particularly interesting.

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Q:Except drawing what else do you do related to airplanes? Perhaps modelling? Would you be interested in painting a real aircraft in 1:1 scale?

A:For past 3 years I actively build model kits, but my collection is small due to lack of time and my paying attention to the smallest details, that I mostly scratch build. Building scale kits is much more time consuming than drawing, in some moments you just can’t get up and leave some things to be done later. Painting a real aircraft would be very interesting challenge for me, specially because I haven’t had an opportunity to do something similar. So big Yes from me.


Q:Why did you choose Hellenic Air Force and drew this beautiful A-7E Corsair? Have you painted any other HAF related painting and if not do you plan to in the near future?

A:One of the most inspiring subjects for me is Hellenic airforce. Beside many different types operated during the years, there are many different color options available. I find anniversary schemes particularly interesting so I have in my collection drawings of T-2 Buckeye from 336-th and F-4 Phantom II from  338 squadron. I plan to draw few more drawings with Hellenic airforce themes like Super Puma, UH-1 etc.


Q:Where and how can someone contact you in order to purchase your artwork or even order a customized drawing to you? Except the drawings themselves could someone buy a copy of your artwork? In which format and dimensions is that?

A:I draw mostly drawings in 30x 45 cm format, but I can arrange size of the format according to wishes. If someone is interested in ordering original drawing or print you can consult: . Contact can be made via my personal web page :

We would like to truly thank Mr. Radulovic for accepting our invitation for this special interview.