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PostHeaderIcon 336 Squadron 70 Years patches

The 336 Squadron with callsign "Olympos", was established for the 1st time, on February 25, 1943 at the "Landing Ground 219" airport near Cairo, Egypt. After 70 years the 336 Squadron celebrates by producing a set of anniversary patches; most of which are limited edition. We would like to sincerely thank Mr. Giannis Vossos for the kind donation of the Anniversary patches especially designed for the 336 Squadron and its 70 Years in service.




  1. PIRATES OF THE AEGEAN: Designed by Martien Heijmen and produced by Highlander
  2. 70 YEARS - AIRCRAFT TYPES: Designed and produced by Highlander
  3. 336 OLYMPOS - ANNIVERSARY EDITION: * Limited edition of 180 pieces. Designed by 336 Sq. and produced by APS
  4. 336 OLYMPOS - GOLDEN EDITION: * Limited edition of 150 pieces mainly used by the Squadron's pilots. Designed by 336 Sq. and produced by APS
  5. 336 OLYMPOS - PVC EDITION: * Limited edition of only 100 pieces. Designed by 336 Sq. and produced by APS


* All three limited patches are accompanied by numbered certificate designed and printed by We would like to sincerely thank 336 Squadron, its Commander and all staff, pilots and technicians for their trust and honor to us.