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PostHeaderIcon 384 Squadron "Nightwalkers" patch

Hellenic Air Force 384 Squadron watch

We all are aware of the huge contribution of 384 SAR Squadron to Hellenic Air Force and society in general. A big variety of services like Emergency Medical Service, Delivery of Supplies to Isolated Areas, General Missions for the Common and Social Good and that is only a part of the daily life of 384 Squadron which never gets routine. For more information about the history of the squadron please visit the official Hellenic Air Force web-site here.

Lately the services 384 SAR Squadron provides has got a night character where statistically the 70% of the missions are accomplished during night period of the day. That means that not only pilots but also the technical personnel maintain the Super Puma helicopters during night. For that reason a special patch has been designed and relized recently under the general title Nightwalkers that you can see above but also in our gallery here.

We would like to sincerely thank the Hellenic Air Force 384 Search and Rescue Squadron personnel and especially Cpt. John Stathis for the kind donation of the patch to web-site. We always appreciate, support and recognize that kind of genteel movements!


PostHeaderIcon JSOW Hellenic Air Force patch by Raytheon

We sincerely thank Raytheon and especially Mr. Bradley Watters for the kind donation of this rare AGM-154C Joint Standoff Weapon  (JSOW) patch that is used by 335 Squadron pilots and weapons technicians who are trained for the use and maintenance of this weapon.


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PostHeaderIcon Operation Unified Protector patches


Operation Unified Protector (OUP) is an ongoing NATO operation concerning the 2011 Libyan civil war, implementing an arms embargo, a no-fly zone and using all means necessary, short of foreign occupation, to protect Libyan civilians and civilian populated areas. For that reason the Hellenic Air Force Air Base of Souda hosts plenty of aircrafts and personnel of French, Royal Norwegian and Qatar Emiri Air Force. Several patches have been designed for OUP crews and most of them use the greek alphabet letters as you can see in the Album that has been created in our gallery. The code word Harmattan is used by French Air Force participation in OUP. We especially thank Kentorama for the kind donation and precious help in order to present this set of OUP patches. To access the Album with patches please click on the image above or here.

For more information about Operation Unified Protector please read: here . For more information about Opération Harmattan please read: here . For more information about Souda Air Base please read: here .


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If you like the work done here and given the increasing expenses due to patchesweb-hosting now you have the opportunity to help. The web-site is non-profit so you can donate and get your own patch or poster.

If you want to contribute to in order to pay the annual web-hosting fees and continue provide information about Hellenic Air Force patches and not only then you can get your own "F-16 One Year Plus" patch by visiting or just click on the button above.

The patch is Limited Edition since only 100 lucky friends will get it and accompanied by a special numbered certificate for that reason.



PostHeaderIcon "I have been Dornieristas" patch

Enjoy the new "I have been Dornieristas" patch created for Hellenic Air Force 355 Squadron's pilots that fly with Do-28 Dornier aircrafts. The patch is designed by ksavvas.


PostHeaderIcon Support "I fly for charity"

"I Fly For Charity" is an initiative of the Alfa-line crewchiefs and the pilots of the 10th Tactical Wing in Kleine Brogel, Belgium.   The pilot-puppets from "I Fly For Charity" fly with different pilots and different kinds of aircraft around the globe before being sold to the highest bidder on the internet together with their official logbooks and pictures of their adventures. The three courageous IFFC-pilots are "Tijgetje" for 31 Sqn, "Miss Tweety" for the OCU Sqn and "Mace" (Homer) for 349 Sqn. All proceeds of this initiative go entirely to the "Children’s Cancer Foundation, npi" in Belgium. (Kinderkankerfonds vzw) It is off course always possible to contribute to this project even before the IFFC-pilots are sold.

There are two ways to do so:

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