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Hellenic Air Force Training Command (HATC) was set up on July 30 1955, under the name of "31st Hellenic Air Training HQ" and its main mission is the planning and improvement of  the training provided to the  Hellenic Air Force  personnel.

In 1956  HATC was reestablished at the State Aircraft Factory (SAF) facilities, located in Palio Faliro, ans stayed there until year 1959. Then moved to the building of the Hellenic Air Force war college located in Dekeleia Air Base and remained until year 1987.

In year 1968 the unit's name transforms from "31st Hellenic Air training HQ" into "31st Hellenic Air Training Command".

In year 1979 the final change was implemented to get the title as kept until today and that is "Hellenic Air Force Training Command".

Today, the Hellenic Air Training Command is still based in the Dekeleia Air Base, 20 Km North-West of the capital city of Athens.


Hellenic Air Force Training Command's mission is to plan, program and monitor the provided training to the Hellenic Air Force personnel.

Specifically we could select the following main tasks:


  • The Air Training of the Cadets and the graduating 1st Lieutenants.
  • The Academic, Military and physical training of the HAF Military Academies (HAFA, Technical NCO Academy, Administrative NCO Academy, Radionavigators Academy).
  • The training provided at the further education-specialisation schools of the HAF permanent staff.
  • The training (both basic and specialty) provided to the 5 year Service Volunteers and to the conscripts.


120 Air Training Wing
123 Technical Training Wing
124 Basic Training Wing

Air Force Academy

Hellenic Air Force Radio Navigators Academy