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The Hellenic Tactical Air Force (HTAF), is located in Larissa Air Base. It is the main operations branch of the Hellenic Air Force. It was established in 1952.

Hellenic Tactical Air Force during peace period, is the preparation and training of the combat units which are organized under it, the undertaking of specific missions at any time requested and finally the co-operation with all other branches of the Armed Forces.

During war the mission of Hellenic Tactical Air Force is the administration and coordination of the operations among the Hellenic Air Force Units and also the co-operation with the corresponding Major Formations of the Armed Forces in order to carry out those operations.
Combat Wings:
110 Combat Wing
111 Combat Wing
114 Combat Wing
115 Combat Wing
116 Combat Wing
117 Combat Wing
Combat Groups:
126 Combat Group
130 Combat Group
131 Combat Group
132 Combat Group
133 Combat Group
134 Combat Group
135 Combat Group
138 Combat Group