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Please contact with us by sending your home address to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it using the email account that you also used to participate.

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PostHeaderIcon Hellenic Air Force F-4E AUP Phantom II Poster

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In case of Hellenic Air Force personnel & for group orders please contact with us.

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PostHeaderIcon gets ONE YEAR PLUS web-site gets one year old these days. We will celebrate it with production of ONE YEAR PLUS patch that is going to be available very soon. Also we are happy to announce that a contest will take place starting this week and will end early 2010 with a lot of beautiful presents for you. Please stay tuned!!!


PostHeaderIcon 'Black Heart Art' - Aircraft Caricatures

Pat Cherry is the responsible artist for Black Heart Art creations. You can visit his web-site at One of his latest work is one Hellenic Air Force A-7 Corsair of 335 Squadron Tiger. Pat spent a part of his precious time to tell us a few things about himself and also explain some of his basic artistic techniques that transform the shape of an aircraft into that beautiful caricatures.


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PostHeaderIcon Silver Wings

When you have to re-view a product, common sence imposes that view has to come first. That happened with us and the book by Harpia Publishing named "Silver Wings". Its full title actually is "Srebrna krila - U službi i zaštiti Hrvatske I Silver Wings - Serving and Protecting Croatia" and is the result of combined effort of two men over the last three years. The first is the most famous aviation photographer Katsuhiko Tokunaga and the other is Heinz Berger president of Harpia Publishing.


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PostHeaderIcon 4Aviation

Early November 2009, 4Aviation visited Greece for the second time. A group of 13 people enjoyed the open days of the Hellenic Air Force. Please click on the image above to read their report.



PostHeaderIcon Hellenic Air Force Lithographs by Mauro Roder

We are happy to show the work of people that is related to Hellenic Air Force. We are even happier when they come from other countries like our friend Mauro Roder from Italy. Mauro owns the web-site and designs several aircraft subjects. He usually works by hand and a limited mix of Corel Draw and Photoshop for some particular projects. Most of the designs are printed with offset technology.

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PostHeaderIcon Katsuhiko Tokunaga Photo Session at Araxos Air Base

Hellenic Air Force and especially 116 CW had the honour to host the world famous photographer Katsuhiko Tokunaga for the needs of Code One Magazine which is a quarterly publication of Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company. The camera of our friend Andreas (aka Stabilator) was there and got some nice pictures of the formation of two A-7 Corsairs and three F-16 Blk52+ Advanced (including the double-seat Chase Plane). We are awaiting the real thing by hand of Katsuhiko Tokunaga soon.

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