PostHeaderIcon 338 Squadron - 60th Anniversary (1952-2012)

On 20th of July 2012 338 Squadron -one of the most historical of Hellenic Air Force- celebrated the 60 years of its service. The 338 Squadron was formed on December 24th 1952, at Elefsis airbase, equiped with F-84G Thunderjet aircraft. Until today has deployed to Larissa, Elefsis (again), Souda (F-84F Thunderstreak). In June 1974 338 Squadron found its final home at 117CW Andravida where the F-4E Phantom II were delivered. Sixty whole years later 338 Squadron "Ares" celebrated the first six decades of life, service and contribution to the Hellenic Air Force! A perfectly organized ceremony took place in Andravida Air Base. We had the honor to be invited and experienced the delight of celebration together with old and new staff of the squadron.

There was a demonstration flight by 3 aircrafts organized which amazed all the visitors. Amongst them old squadron commanders, pilots and engineers of 338 Squadron which officially counts now more than 60 years of life. took the initiative to re-design and produce the initial heritage patch of 338 Squadron depicturing the "Flat Foot" as was the first Squadron's call sign. The patch was produced in a limited edition of only 100 pieces that comes together with a specially designed numbered certificate. The whole set of 100 patches were delivered directly to 338 Squadron which is responsible for their sale and administration so please contact with the Squadron if you want to get one before got sold out.

We highlight that all profits of the heritage patch will strictly go to 338 Squadron!!!



We would like to thank 338 Squadron, its Commander and its personnel, pilots and engineers, for the hospitality, wish Happy 60th Birthday & as always SAFE LANDINGS!!!


Download the 338 Squadron's patches wallpaper designed by