PostHeaderIcon A-7 Retirement - Spotter's Day 1

On October 16th, 2014 we were more than lucky to be hosted by 116 Combat Wing and especially 336 Squadron for a Spotter's Day especially organized prior to A-7 Corsair retirement ceremony. Enjoy the photos taken at that day and read all the details.

The day started early enough and gates opened for Spotters coming for all over the world. Hundreds photographers and aviation enthousiasts won the chance of feeling the noise and smell of the Hellenic Air Force (HAF) Corsairs. The decision for their retirement has been taken for months now so this great aircraft counted hours in service in the whole world as HAF is its last user.

Visitors did not only capture taxiing and flights of the HAF A-7 Corsairs but also landings and take off of  F-16 Blk 52+ Advanced coming from sister 335 Squadron, F-16 Block 52+ from Souda Air Base including Zeus Demo team F-16, T-6 Texan II Daedalus Demo Team, Embraer EMB-135LR and F-16 Block 30. Especially F-16 Block 52+ Zeus Demo team F-16 and T-6 Texan II Daedalus Demo Team performed rehearsals for their demonstration planned for the day of the A-7 Retirement ceremony on October 18th, 2014.

Organization was excellent and we would like to congradulate 116 Combat Wing and 336 Squadron commanders and the personnel both pilots and technicians of Araxos Air Base for their professionalism and hospitality. Those who have visited Araxos Air Base at that day agree!!!



Photos by Kevin van der Sluis and