PostHeaderIcon A-7 Retirement - Retirement Ceremony Day 2

On October 17th, 2014 we visited Araxos Air Base with mixed emotions. You do not have every day the opportunity to watch A-7 Corsairs flying that close to you but on the other hand knowing that those will be of the very last flights of the type worldwide our visit suddenly got in another dimension. It was not only A-7s that flew that day but definetely all visitors were anxious to listen to their "swan song".

The day started early with a T-6 A Texan II Daedalus Team demonstration and the F-16 Block 52+ Zeus team followed into a grey cloudy sky. The program closed with a general Hellenic Air Force formation by a F-4E AUP Phantom, a F-16 Block 52+, a Mirage 2000-5 and the star of the day a TA-7C Corsair II.





Photos by Kevin van der Sluis and