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On May 4th & 5th Hellenic Air Force 348 Squadron Suspension of Operations , RF-4E Phantom II Retirement and Spotters Day Event took place. We were there and we share with you photos and information on this thrilling aviation ceremony.

Hellenic Air Force 348 Squadron, one of the oldest and most historic Hellenic Air Force squadrons, suspended its operations after 64 years of continuous operation at the same time with the RF-4E Phantom II retirement. For this special moment, HAF organized special festivities in 110 Combat Wing in Larissa city which took place from May 4th to 5th 2017. A static and flying display took place on Friday the 5th. The flying display includes the last three (3) active Hellenic Air Force Recce Phantoms in mixed formation with other HAF aircraft and the Demo teams “Zeus” & “Daedalus”.


The 335 Squadron of 112 Combat Wing, equipped with F-84 G Thunderjet type aircraft, placed a photo camera on one of the tip tanks. The results were satisfactory and this led to the delivery of the RT-33A type aircraft, that is to say, a T-33A aircraft with cameras on its modified nose.The new aircraft urged the 335 Squadron to form the 348 Tactical Reconnaissance Flight, which, on the 7th of July 1954, was relocated at 110CW in Larissa, and after being supplied with new RT-33A, upgraded to Squadron.These aircraft were replaced with the new RF-84F Thunderflash, which, the Hellenic Air Force, first among the NATO countries acquired, in August 1956 and the RT-33A were given to the Armeé de l’ Air.Until autumn of 1978, the RF-84F aircraft were the only type of the Squadron’s aircraft. Then the RF-4E Phantom II were acquired, which led HAF in the new era of air reconnaissance.On March 29th 1991, the RF-84F aircraft were withdrawn after 34 years of active service, leaving in the Squadron’s inventory very few RF-4Es, just enough to form a flight. However in August 1993, their number was increased with the addition of RF-4E granted by Luftwaffe.


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