PostHeaderIcon Hellenic Air Force Open Day 2011

The time of the year has arrived. The gates of Hellenic Air Force Air Bases are opening for all of you. Help us collect photographic material in order to taste the celebration. Some may not be able visit the units themselves so this would be helpful for all friends. Please do share your experience and send us your photos to the following E-mail address: haf2011[at]


PostHeaderIcon 335 Squadron Celebrates 70 Years of Service

On 14th of October 335 Squadron celebrated its 70 Years of service since 1941. It happens to be the older Hellenic Air Force Squadron still in service today. Two F-16s were painted in Anniversary scheme especially for the occasion and were exhibited in front of the main Squadron's shelter. Really emotional moments followed when elder pilots met the current personnel of the Squadron. For further information about the event and full photographical material please click on the image above to transfer to the Ikaros Club official web-site.


PostHeaderIcon 335 Squadron participates NTM 2011

335 Squadron Tiger participated in Nato Tiger Meet 2011. You can visit the official web-site of the Tiger Association to read more about the Nato Tiger Meet 2011. You can also visit the 335 Squadron category in our Gallery to view the patches that designed and produced for the Tiger Meet.



PostHeaderIcon Hellenic Air Force Open Day 2010

Send us your Photos from your visit to Hellenic Air Force Air Bases at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it !!! Like every year, the Air Force celebrates its patron Saint, Archangel Michael, by opening all air bases to the public from 5 to 8 November 2010. Visitors will have the opportunity to see static and photographic exhibitions of aircraft, weapons and ground equipment. During the celebration, the Hellenic Postal Service will place a special commemorative stamp on envelopes mailed from Athens and Thessaloniki.

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PostHeaderIcon Thank you 338 Squadron!!!

We thank 338 Squadron, the Squadron commander and whole flying and technical personnel for the lithograph (by that signed for web-site. We wish them safe landings!!!


PostHeaderIcon Co-training between ITAF and HAF

The training of ITAF pilots that took place in 120 Air Training Wing finished recently. The Italian pilots had the opportunity to finish their Basic Training with T-6 Texan aircrafts with 364 Air Training Squadron. The patch that created for that particular purpose is really beautiful. For more information about the co-training and photos from the ceremony of 19/03/2010 you can visit the HAF official web-site by clicking here.


PostHeaderIcon 336 Squadron celebrates

As known 336 Squadron "Olympos" is the last in the world to still fly with A-7E Corsair II.  Nevertheless today 27 February 2010 the 336 Squadron celebrating the 67 years in service of Hellenic Air Force presented a special painted A-7H Corsair II aircraft which is placed in front of the squadron's building in Araxos AB. The type has stopped flying in 2007 and among other 340, 345 and 347 Squadrons made use of it. We especially thank our friend Vaggelis Kontodimos from Patras for the information and the photographs.

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PostHeaderIcon 346 Squadron "Jason" turns 20 years old

346 Squadron "Jason" celebrated today 5/02/2010 the 20 years anniversary of serving Hellenic Air Force. Please check some beautiful photos our loyal friend Kostas Alkousis sent us from Larisa and enjoy the patch specially designed by Highlander for the occasion.

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PostHeaderIcon Hellenic Air Force 80th Anniversary

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